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Export Check Diagnostics

The Export Check diagnostic highlights the fact that businesses need access to finance as part of a sustainable export market development strategy.

Export Check is comprised of questions across 5 key operational areas

  • Strategy, planning & market knowledge
  • Products & services
  • Sales & marketing
  • Risk management
  • Finance

Upon completion, the diagnostic instantly generates a personalised report based on the answers provided; along with a score based on best-practice in international business.

The report includes extensive commentary and advice depending on how the user answers each question. All the content has been written in-house; drawing on the combined expertise of our international trade and marketing experts; financial and compliance experts; and legal advisors with expertise in international market regulations and agreements.

Australian Business Consulting & Solutions has its own International Markets Division; and for more than ten years has consistently delivered the Trade Start program to thousands of SMEs on behalf of the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade).

The diagnostic includes country-by-country analysis and market entry strategies based on our own in-market research and experience; and detailed, updated information regarding current free trade agreements and the competitive advantages for Australian business.

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