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Have you ever wanted to build your personal or company brand so it stands out from the crowd and gets you noticed?

Are you sick and tired of working hard but not growing your influence, impact and income?
Have you asked yourself who in your industry is nipping at your heels and stealing your top talent?

Do you want to build an awesome company culture with inspired, empowered employees?

Predictions say that 50 per cent of current jobs alone will be made redundant as they are replaced by machines over the next decade. This new reality is affecting all industries (energy, media, communication, transport, finance, mining and tourism) unfortunately for many they will be blindsided or just too slow to make changes and innovate in order to survive.

At UQ Power we’ve had the privilege for the past decade to consult, train and coach some of the best leaders, managers and entrepreneurs to grow their unique brand and have a greater impact. We’re obsessed with creating more conscious leaders who inspire and influence others to unleash their strengths so they can love and reduce suffering.

We like to challenge and disrupt your thinking, we like to share case studies, future trends and specific strategies to help you get to the root of your unique culture DNA.

We’ve seen first-hand the strong link between poor leadership, toxic cultures and the absence of employee engagement and we’ve also helped many organisations and leaders to consciously, deliberately and intentionally chose to design their workplace cultures with a strengths based approach whilst remaining competitive.

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